Our advanced guide to radiator design

image of a radiator

When you need to buy some new radiators for your home, you will have to consider the design of them. Even though you might not really be too bothered about what they look like, it is actually something that you need to consider as the design of the radiator could affect how well it works.

Not only that, though, but the design of the radiator might have to depend on the area of your home in which it will be installed. After all, some types of radiators are better suited to specific rooms or types of spaces.

So, if you are going to start your search for new radiators soon, you should read through this blog post. Here is our advanced guide to radiator design.

The Different Types of Radiators

Horizontal Radiators – This is the most common kind of radiator and is often found in all kinds of rooms in a home, from living rooms to bedrooms. You probably already have a few of these throughout your house or apartment already. They are often a lot wider than they are tall and more often than not located underneath windows. These are one of the cheaper types of radiators and thanks to their design, they don’t take up too much floor space in a room as they always sit flat against a wall.

Vertical Radiators – Vertical radiators are exactly the same as the horizontal ones mentioned above except, they are taller than they are wide. More often than not they are often designed to be more decorative than horizontal ones as well. Just like the above-mentioned radiators, they will free up space in a room and are often reasonably priced.

Column Radiators – Tubes are arranged alongside one another to create column radiators. They are often connected at each end with a single radiator tube. These are a very traditional design and are what most people associate with Victorian houses.

Panel Radiators – Panel radiators are made up of thin containers. You can attach two of these containers together to create a double panel.

Convector Radiators – These kinds of radiators look just like panel radiators except they have ‘fins’ that zig-zag across. These are usually surrounded by a case that features vents. These are often highly modern-looking radiators and usually found in corporate spaces.

Heated Towel Rails – You will have no doubt seen a lot of heated towel rails in bathrooms. These are a very common form of radiator for bathrooms and they are even being increasingly used in kitchens as well. However, heating rooms is the secondary function of these types of radiators – if they are covered in towels then the room won’t feel much warmer when the radiator is on because of the towels blocking the heat. However, they can really add to the style of a room.

As you can see, there are a number of different types of radiator designs that you can choose from for your home. The one that you choose will largely depend on where you are going to use it. Once you have made your decision and longer term need spares for your radiator then click here to see our full range.

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