Checking Your Radiator Valves Before Winter Arrives

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Maintenance on your home is an ongoing project that you need to keep up with throughout the year, especially before the cold winter sets in. Checking your radiator valves is an important part of this pre-winter home check.

What do radiator valves do?

You may have an idea of what a radiator does in a car, but did you know that there is a radiator valve in your home that is referred to as a thermostatic radiator valve. The purpose of this device is to control the temperature of a room by changing the flow of the hot water to the radiator. This valve is self-regulating meaning it will work on its own, this gets based on the temperature setting you want.

Why check a self-regulating device?

Even though this device does operate independently, it can malfunction. One possible side effect of this is being left without a way of regulating heat in the various rooms of the home. This is a crucial feature for the winter. You do not want to suffer through temperature extremes. An issue with the radiator valve may not be immediately apparent and it may be an issue that occurs over time. This is why checking it regularly, especially before winter, is so important to the well being of your home through the harsher season.

What is radiator balancing?

When you check your radiator valves and research how to do this and what to look for, you will undoubtedly come across information about how to balance the valve, but how is this important to you? The way a radiator works is by detecting the temperature around it. If this is obstructed then when you set the room to be at a particular temperature and this may not be achieved. Radiator balancing is ensuring that the temperature being read and used to gauge adjustments is correct. If you check your radiator valves and find that some rooms are unusually hot and others unusually cold then you will need to balance them.

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