Eight Easy Ways to Cut Your Heating Bill This Winter

save money on your heating bill

As the winter weather really begins to bite it can be very tempting to crank the heating right up and make your home toasty warm. That is at least until your next heating bill arrives and reminds you that things are never quite that simple. Fortunately, however, there are some clever and easy ways in which you can cut that pesky heating bill without forcing yourself and your family to shiver away all winter long.

Wear More Layers

This is a really simple and quite an obvious way to keep warmer without overusing your heating, but it’s still worth mentioning. Dressing more warmly at home means you can use your heating less or at a lower level, and donning layers rather than one thick sweatshirt or jumper makes for far better insulation.

Do More Cooking

Casseroles, stews and other dishes which require a long time in the oven make for really warming meals in the winter. What’s more, they have the added bonus of meaning that your oven will be on for longer and thus will introduce some extra heat into your home. Another handy tip, too, is to leave the oven door open after turning it off. You’ve paid for the heat, after all, so you may as well get the most use you can out of it.

Make Sure Your Doors Fit Properly

A surprising amount of heat can be lost from any home through small gaps around the door. It is really worthwhile, therefore, to ensure that all of your external doors are keeping the heat in as efficiently as possible. A couple of simple things you can do to improve that efficiency are to adjust or replace thresholds or to repair worn weather-stripping.

Block Off Other Draughts

As well as the gaps around doorways, other cracks or openings which allow draughts from the outside can really drag the temperature of your home down. Simple solutions like keyhole discs, letterbox flaps or even a chimney balloon, therefore, are really inexpensive and quick ways to make a real difference to your heating bill.

Set Radiators To Different Levels

Many people who live in properties with central heating forget that each of their radiators can also be controlled individually. That is a considerable oversight as setting radiators in lesser used rooms to a lower level can lead to significant savings. Changing radiator settings according to the time of day, too, is a smart thing to do and means you can be warm when you go to bed without paying to heat your empty bedroom for hours during the day.

Bleed Your Radiators

Speaking of radiators, it’s crucial to ensure that each of them within your home is actually working as efficiently as possible. Going around and bleeding them to remove trapped air which drags down their ability to transmit heat, then, is an important chore to undertake and is unlikely to take more than a matter of minutes for your whole home.

Get Yourself A Hot Water Bottle

It may seem a little old fashioned, but if it helps you to keep warm at home and keeps your heating bill down, then who cares? A hot water bottle is a great way to stay nice and toasty even if your heating is off or on low and can be cuddled in front of the TV or popped into your bed to keep your feet warm.

Don’t Neglect Your Curtains

Curtains help more than you might imagine in keeping heat from escaping through your windows and also in keeping out draughts. Investing in better lined curtains, therefore, could help no end in reducing your heating bills. Even simpler than that, though, remembering to close the curtains as it gets dark and to have them open if there is any sunshine can also have an impact on the heat of your home.

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