How the HV30C replacement radiator valve saves you money

Radiator Valves

Leaks, noisy radiators, uneven heat distribution or the inability to adjust the temperature of your radiators could all be signs that it is time to change your radiator valves. Most radiator valves will need to be changed at some point and damaged radiator valves inflate heating bills and can make it impossible to adequately heat your home. Valves control the flow of water through radiator pipes and although virtually unnoticeable affect the function and longevity of your radiators.

The wide variety of radiator valves available, however, can make choosing a confusing process but purchasing the right one can have huge cost and efficiency benefits.

Replacing your radiator valves with the HV30C will almost certainly save you both time and money. Designed to eliminate the need to bleed your radiators, they have a number of other advantages over traditional valves.

Apart from dispensing with the need for radiator keys, the increased energy efficiency, reduced noise and corrosion, and cost-effective lifespan of the HV30C make them a sought-after solution for landlords and homeowners in the market for replacement valves.

How they work

One way that HV30C replacement radiator valves save you money is by ensuring that your radiators can heat up to their maximum capacity. Fitted with a fibre washer that absorbs water when there is no air in your radiators, the valves prevent leaks and allow heat to disperse evenly from top to bottom. Conversely, when the water level drops inside your radiators, the valves prevent a build up of air because the fibre washer dries out, effectively de-aerating the radiator until the water level rises again.

Unlike its predecessor, the HV30 which works in the same way and has identical operating features, the HV30C does not need to be replaced when it stops venting. Without the need to drain your heating system, its replaceable cartridge can be substituted easily within minutes and costs about half the price of the original valve. This increases its 3-5 year lifespan and makes it a long-term cost and time effective investment.

Other advantages

Built to industry standards, HV30C replacement radiator valves prevent radiator-related problems that could cost you extra time and money. Guaranteed leak-free, they come with a 5-year leak proof warranty.

The valves themselves never rust or corrode and by automatically expelling the air that gets into radiators they also prevent the system corrosion which leads to excessively noisy radiators and the need to eventually replace the entire unit.

Self-bleeding, the valves help to create a maintenance-free system, that frees up the time you once had to devote to balancing radiators with periodic bleeding. Bleeding radiators is a job that most people dislike or require costly professional services to handle.

The omni-directional HV30C valve fits a wide range of horizontal and vertical radiators and is simple to install.

Made out of high quality chrome, the valves also look smart and give a quality finish to designer radiators.

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