HV30C Radiator Valves and how do they work.

HV30C Towel Radiator

The HV30C is a self bleed radiator valve under the Aladdin brand. They are suitable for ½ BSP tapping and usually fit all types of modern radiators. They are stylish and sit flush to the radiator so do not stick out as some older versions do. The valve is available in chrome and so fits into the look and feel of your radiator rather nicely.

The HV30C comes with everything you need to fit to your radiators, with clear instructions they are really easy to install and do not require the need to drain the radiator beforehand. Of course if you are nervous about fitting one yourself, then your local plumber will be able to help, but to be honest for most people who dabble in a bit of DIY this really isn’t necessary.

Once fitted the HV30C will get rid of the air from your system, depending how much air is present will affect the time taken to completely rid the system of air. We do recommend for most households that at least two valves are required. Usually one is fitted to the radiator that feeds directly from the boiler and then a second about half way through the system. Or course if you have a particular radiator that you have problems with then we would advise you fit a valve to this one.

However it is of course your choice, we have customers who have just one fitted and others that have one on every radiator. In fact one of the UK’s largest radiator suppliers fits one to every new radiator they supply as standard, that’s how impressed they are with the product.

You can purchase the HV30C in our online shop should you wish to.

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