What are Radiator Valves and how they save you money?

Radiator Valve being adjusted

When referring to radiator valves, generally this is more specifically referring to thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs). These valves do not control the boiler itself but rather reduce the flow of water that goes through the radiator when the temperature rises above a certain level.

Using A TRV Correctly

The lower the level is set, the more energy and money will be saved, but this setting also needs to be at a level that is comfortable for you. Using a radiator valve in the heating control process works best when there is not a cover over the valve.

The valve is perceptive to the surrounding temperature so any cover will alter this and make the perceived temperature higher. This disturbs the temperature control setting.

Having the best valves means having the ones that are most sensitive to temperature or simply put, the ones that produce better results. This is a control option that needs to be installed and can even manage to keep different rooms at different temperatures. These valves can be bought with an ordinary style or they also come with a steel finish for a cleaner look.

The Benefits

The way this valve best helps to save money is by controlling the heating. This is usually done in conjunction with all of the controls and options that come with a heating system. Adjusting the boiler thermostat, timer, room thermostat and valves can help you achieve the best temperature in the most efficient way, which will save you money.

Essentially, having a good valve will help to cut down on the waste of energy and heating. For rooms that are used less or that do not really need to be kept at a warm temperature, controlling the temperature to be lower is the obvious way to cut costs. Installing a valve can also ensure that the temperature settings of the more frequently used rooms are comfortable without being too warm.

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