Six Simple Ways to Reduce your Home’s Water Consumption this Summer

pool of water

Whether you’re thinking about your household water bills or about the wider environment, reducing water consumption in your home is a smart, sensible and altruistic goal to have. With the cost of living arguably as high as it’s ever been and the weather increasingly unpredictable, the following are six simple ways to save more water over the summer.

Take Showers Not Baths

A theme which is going to emerge throughout our hints and tips is that small changes to your routine can make a big difference to water consumption. That’s certainly the case when it comes to whether you choose to have a shower or a bath.

On average, after all, a shower uses only around 1/3 to 1/2 of the water of a typical bath. With the most modern and efficient showers, too, the amount can reduce still further. That means that if you regularly take baths, switching to showers can make a real and a sudden difference to water consumption.

Think Before you Flush

It’s not something that people generally think about but every flush of the toilet uses quite a lot of water. There are fortunately, however, a couple of easy ways to reduce the amount of water used in this way.

Firstly, it is crucial to fix faulty or older toilet cisterns which may be working at less than optimum efficiency. A cistern displacement device, what’s more, can also be purchased quite cheaply and introduced to your cistern to reduce the volume of water used per flush.

Fix Those Dripping Taps

As well as being really annoying, dripping taps can also cause a surprisingly significant increase in any property’s water consumption. Whilst one drip doesn’t seem like much, after all, they quickly build up when a tap is dripping 24 hours a day.

It’s important and beneficial, therefore, to get any and all dripping taps within your home fixed. In most cases, too, that is far from a difficult task and will often only involve the replacement of a washer.

Insulate Hot Water Pipes

A less obvious and oft overlooked way to reduce water consumption in your home is by insulating hot water supply pipes. It can, however, be another comparatively simple way to save considerable amounts of water.

The reason doing so is effective in saving water is because better insulation means that water in the pipes stays hotter for longer. That in turn, then, means that you will have to run water for less time before it starts to come through your taps or your shower at the required temperature.

Smarter Clothes Washing

Another everyday task which uses a surprisingly large amount of water is using the washing machine to clean your clothes. Whilst it is obviously impractical to suggest not using the washing machine, there are ways to do the laundry which help to reduce the amount of water required.

Only washing full loads, for instance, and not running the washing machine until a full load is available can reduce the number of times you use the machine in total. What’s more, many modern machines also have special water saving cycles which can be selected by the simple press of a button.

Garden Responsibly

Tending a garden, especially in the summer months, unavoidably involves the use of quite a lot of water. There are, however, effective and intelligent ways to limit just how much the use of water in the garden does impact your home’s overall water consumption.

Using a watering can to water flower beds or pots, for instance, is just as efficient as a hosepipe but limits the amount of wasted water. Installing a water butt, what’s more, means you can utilise rainfall for your watering rather than drawing from your home’s taps.

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