The Changing Face of Radiators

steel designer radiator

At the most basic level, the job of a radiator is to replace the heat which is lost from a property and to keep that property warm regardless of the exterior temperature. Radiators are, therefore, a necessity which any premises that needs to be lived in or used all year round cannot do without.

Radiators were, as a result, long treated as such.That meant that they were viewed as a kind of necessary evil that had to feature in a property and which needed to be worked around where interior design was concerned. More recently, however, there has been something of a sea change of opinion that sees the face of radiators changing, perhaps forever.

The Old-Fashioned Approach

For many decades almost all radiators looked exactly the same. They measured around six feet in length, protruded around six inches from the wall and sported a shape that could in no way be described as pleasing to the eye.

Given that, the approach to these radiators when it came to interior design was to try to hide them or to disguise them as much as possible. That gave rise to the installation of radiator covers and shelves above the radiator, and to the placement of furniture in front of them in many homes.

None of those are particularly elegant or satisfying design solutions and, what’s more, most of them are also detrimental to a radiator’s efficiency too. It’s clear, therefore, that a new direction was required.

The New Direction

After so many years of simply coping with the less than attractive appearance of traditional radiators, a new breed of designer radiators are finally starting to be produced to take their place in homes and businesses.

These designer radiators utilise modern technology to maintain efficiency in heating a given space, whilst now finally taking aesthetics into account at the same time. What that means, is that no matter the space available or the décor style of a premise, there is now likely to be a radiator that can enhance its style and charm.

That begs the question, therefore, of just what types of option are available to someone who may want to introduce such a designer radiator to their home or office.

Designer Radiator Choices & Options

It is a fortunate fact for anyone interested in interior design that there are far too many designer radiator options now available to mention them all here. What we can do, however, is explain some of the main choices available when it comes to those radiators.

Firstly, there is now the opportunity to choose between traditional horizontal or more modern vertical radiators. Those more modern vertical options are essentially tall and thin radiators that are perfect for rooms with high ceilings but limited floor space.

Even if you don’t go down the vertical route, horizontal radiators certainly do not now have to all look the same. Designer radiators, in fact, are available in all sorts of shapes and include options with perfectly flat surfaces and some with sleek and chic curves.

Finally, there is also now a plethora of choice when it comes to the colour and finish of a radiator. Rather than be coloured or painted to match the wall behind it, a radiator can now make a real statement in black or chrome and become a true design feature.

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