Things to consider when buying a new radiator

choosing a radiator

Buying a new radiator can be a little more complex than it might seem, especially if you are looking for something a little more stylish than the standard radiators often installed in homes across the UK. We hope the advice below helps in your decision making, but if in doubt do ask a plumber to help determine whether your preferred choice is right for the room in questions.

Size matters

This has to be your first consideration and there are two areas you need to think about.

Does it fit?

Not only does the radiator need to fit in the space you have available but unless you are having work done to the pipework then it also needs to be installed in the same position as our existing radiator.

The size of the room

You are buying a radiator first and foremost so that it heats your room, choose a radiator that’s too big and you will be wasting energy, choose one too small and it won’t be able to cope in heating your room properly.

So while style and material may be important to you, whatever you choose needs to fit properly and efficiently heat your room.

Heat Output of your radiator

The heat emanating from your radiator is measured in what’s called BTU’s (British Thermal Units), in simple terms the higher the BTU’s the more heat is generated from that radiator. Rooms with lots of doors and windows will need a higher BTU than the equivalently sized room that has less doors and windows. But don’t worry there is a calculation you can perform to give you a good idea of the output required for your room:

(Height x length x width) x 153

All measurements need to be taken in metres. This calculation will give you an idea of the BTU’s required from the radiator you choose.

Choosing your radiator

Once you have a good understanding of size and BTU’s required you can research the style, material and colour that you require.

We always recommend you use a plumber to fit your radiator, they will be able to make any minor adjustment to the pipework as needed or install a radiator in a new location or completely different size to what you already have.

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