Ways to Stay Warm without Turning the Heating On

keeping warm this winter

With the cold season in full swing, everybody is looking for ways to get warm at home – and the best way to do so is to turn on the central heating system. But what about when you’re trying to save some money?

When getting home after work, the only thing you care about on a cold winters day is to put your pyjamas on and get comfy. However, when the cold hits you, your first reaction is to turn the heating up, but to avoid a nasty surprise when your bill comes through, here are some things to try first.

  1. Be Careful How You Dress

Always dress in thin layers. When you feel warm enough, you take a thin layer off until your body temperature reaches normal. Having too many thick clothes on you will overheat you, making you sweat – and then, a cold or flu may hit you.

  1. Wear Wool

Although wool is itchy and not that comfortable, it will surely raise your body temperature. If the itchiness still persists, try buying clothes made from merino wool, which is less itchy and even softer, or wear a t shirt or vest underneath a woollen jumper.

  1. Protect Your Feet

You can lose a lot of body heat through your feet much faster compared to any other part of the body. Get a pair of thick socks or a pair of fluffy slippers to get your feet insulated.

  1. Eat Warm Meals and Drink Hot Beverages

Nothing compares to a bowl of hot soup when you’re cold – so, get down to cooking. Any hot meal is a plus for you. After you cook something in the oven, you can leave it open after you turn it off – provided you don’t have pets or children.

Any kind of cooking will produce heat. If you’re not keen on cooking something, at least make a hot drink. Tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and other warm drinks will do.

  1. Thick Blankets and Snuggling

When sitting down and doing nothing, be sure to get a thick blanket to lie on top of the bed and one to cover you up and grab a book. Snuggling in a blanket is the best feeling ever after a cold day outside. Better yet, get some bodily warmth by snuggling up with a family member or pet under the blanket, and grab a book and have a good night reading.

  1. Heat from the Sun

Although it is cold outside, the sun still has a warm feeling. Open the curtains and blinds to allow the sun to rush into the house. In an instant, the air will get warmer. Closing the blinds after sunset will preserve most of the heat in the room.

  1. Keep Moving

If you are feeling chilly, get off the sofa and do a little housework, it’s amazing how much warmer you will feel if you are a little more active. Tackle that ironing pile, hoover the stairs or even changing the beds can all help to keep you warmer and a little bit fitter!

  1. Keep your Radiators Running Efficiently

We are obviously biased but by fitting self bleeding radiator valves, your radiator will run more efficiently, thus you will warm your house more without turning the thermostat up, in fact you may even be able to turn the temperature down!

These simple things can help to keep you warm – and your electricity and gas bills will drop significantly.

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