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Aladdin Micro Self Bleed Radiator Valve / Autovent

MicroThe versatile Micro fits 1/8” and 1/4” BSP, and 5mm, 6mm 7mm tappings. This is the choice for those without a standard radiator type. From everything from a classic towel radiator to a Quinn (Barlo) radiator. The micro is small and sleek and comes in an attractive chrome finish.

The micro radiator valve alleviates the need to manually bleed your radiators, it reduces energy usage, noise and most importantly can reduce your heating bills considerably. The micro is one type in the new range of Alladin Hydroseal™ automatic radiator valves and are a new breed in automatic radiator venting.

The micro is suitable for a wide range of radiator types, including those below.

micro cast iron radiator valvemicro classic towel radiatormicro quinn barlo roll top radiator valves

The Micro saves energy, keeps radiators hot-to-top, reduces corrosion and system noise, provides maintenance free system - dispenses with the need for radiator keys. The micro has omnidirectional operation for panel and towel type radiators and also works on negative pressure systems.

The radiator valves are fully automatic, requiring no manual adjustment, and will not leak in the unlikely event of failure as a backup failure safety mechanism is incorporated. Their one–way valve makes them suitable for use with radiators which can cycle into negative pressure, typically loft conversion radiators or on the suction side of the pump. The innovative Hygroseal™ technology (patent pending) utilizes a ‘dual-seal positive valve closure’ which provides  an extended, leak-free life.

Installing the valves is a simple DIY job that doesn’t require system draining.

Heating Facts

Fresh water entering a heating system contains about 15% air by volume which is just one cause of air in your radiators

Heating and hot water accounts for over 80% of the energy consumption in the average home.

Controls to reduce the average temperature in the house by 1°C, will reduce consumption by up to 10%.

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